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Holy Spirit Primary School, lasalle college, Siena Catholic PS, St James Vermont, st joh, Trinity Academy, Bremer Bay Primary School, Cassia Primary School, Thetford Grammar School, st columban's primary


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I now have a subscription through the school and am using it daily. Really finding it fantastic.
D Harrington

PD yesterday was brilliant! Can't wait to get my 12 months membership approved!
S Marsh

Just to let you know that I am thrilled with the range of activities provided in the MTS database. It covers a huge spectrum of ideas that I have found to be very useful in the classroom. It also provides heaps of activities that are not found in our current textbooks and adheres to the .Early Years Numeracy. in Victoria. I am most impressed and will certainly continue to use the great activities in my maths/numeracy teaching..
Karen Donald