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Landsdale PS, St Lukes Catholic Primary , Mountford Manor primary and Nursery School, Sacred Heart, connolly primary school, Christmas Island District High School, Riverside Primary School, Latymer Prep School, Pennant Hills Public School, Melville


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A terrific site!
S Jeanneret

I have been using MTS and find the ability to structure a programme for the various levels within the class group invaluable. All I have to do is enter the topic and select various year levels and I have a range of activities to best suit the needs of the students. And not having a standard textbook allows me to concentrate on every student being given the opportunity to realise their potential in class. I also find the range of open-ended investigations to be powerful and the opportunity to modify any page before printing has allowed me to localise the context, thus making it more meaningful and fun for the students.
Warren Bell

I thought the year Two activities and investigations were great.